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Q: Why doesn't the Zune Software recognize my custom Content

A: Please make sure you started the proxy server. There's a little icon+text in the bottom left corner
of the app you can click to change the proxy's status.
Note that the program must be running while you use your Zune Software. If the program isn't running
when you try to access custom content inside the Zune Software, it won't show up.

Q: Zune Customs has fucked up my internet!

A: Yea, I know.. if the program crashes, it usually doesn't erase it's proxy settings from Internet Explorer's
internal settings which the Zune Software and IE share. To delete these settings manualle, either restart and close
Zune Customs or - in Internet Explorer - go to "Extras->Internet Options->Connections->Lan-Settings" and uncheck "Use Proxy for LAN".

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